Now that you are here, let us first both of us invite you to the greatest day of our life! We would both love for all of you to come over and share the joy and the magic and make the day truly amazing!

Even though some of you might be knowing about our "Jab we met" from 20,000 ft, do check up About Us to get a sneak preview into the amazing story that brought us both together.

Also, you may want to check up other sections to know more about this 'Punjab-da-puttar' and 'Gujarat-ni-gori' . For a pictorial glimpse of some of our most precious moments, roll over to Photo Gallery.

Lest we forget, we both would like to thank Gagan[Iman's brother] for the stupendous work that he has put in order to create complete framework of the website! Thanks Gagan, you rock!