"The boldness with which Cantor looked at the notion of infinity was a defining moment in mathematics. His proof that the set of real numbers is uncountable, and his proof that the set of points called the Cantor set is also uncountable are two remarkable examples of ingenious mathematical proofs.The Cantor set plays an important role in non-linear dynamics and is a famous example of a fractal object.."

Did it make sense or did you sleep while reading above? But this is what started it all. This is what was the "short" description of the lecture that was given by Prof. Bera on 11th October 2006. Unknown to Cantor and even Prof Bera, there was another union of hearts that was going on during the lecture.

It was during all the talk about Cantor, infinity and fractals that Khyati and Iman met and talked for the very first time. Just after the talk they both spent an hour just talking and talking. What followed was a period of truly getting to know each other during long walks in and around the magnificent IIIT Campus and Electronics city. This was followed by Iman finally one day asking Khyati out and taking bike that he had borrowed for dinner date at Kote Gardens. This turned out to be truly and royally disastrous, as most of the items were non veg over there!

After this was a period of finally hanging out at just about any place, on bike Iman could borrow from friends and rough directions that he could gather from them and then forgetting later on which right turn was the right one! By then, they became the best buddies and started sharing everything from technology to projects to politics to life and crushes :P. But all changed on one those excursions when Iman finally popped the question at 'K&I Park' erstwhile known as Lal Bagh and Khyati agreeing to the same!

What followed was truly a scene taken from hindi movie because Khyati's mom believed that Punjabi mundas are mostly gundas only! And that Punjab and Gujarat don't share a border and no road could be built between them. Cutting the long story short, Iman's parents decided to clear the air by going over to Anand. It was then Khyati's mom turned out to be much sweeter and she finally agreed to let her daugher to "officially" hold hands of her "to-be" man. Gods were summoned and they reached to the conclusion of 21st December to be the date for the holy ceremony to take place. To conclude like someone once said "So far, So good". :)